Welcoming the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive, Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive, NI Chamber said:

3rd Feb 2024

“The restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive is very welcome news for business. We hope it marks the return of local decision-making and a commitment to devolution on a long-term, sustainable basis.

“We congratulate all newly appointed Ministers on their positions – they can be assured of NI Chamber’s full support in their efforts to deliver real transformation in support of economic growth. As a place to do business, Northern Ireland’s potential is enormous and we are optimistic that Stormont’s return will help us realise new opportunities, boost the region’s competitive advantage and deliver shared economic prosperity.

“Now it is time to focus on delivery, starting with the pressing issues of public sector pay and setting a budget, closely followed by agreeing and delivering on economic priorities including reform of the planning system, boosting productivity, solving the childcare challenge, dealing with our skills and infrastructure gaps and developing our unique proposition as a place to do business.

“Hard work and necessarily difficult decisions are ahead, so partnership is key. Business is ready to play its part and at NI Chamber, we look forward to facilitating that collaboration.”