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US Special Envoy Joe Kennedy III addresses NI Chamber members

1st Feb 2024

U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs, Joe Kennedy III addressed a group of NI Chamber members in Belfast this morning, encouraging them to adopt a “healthy dose of American confidence” as they seek out opportunities to trade internationally.

He had high praise for the impact that Northern Ireland has had on the world already and stressed the mutual value of the “indelible connections” between Northern Ireland and the USA.

In front of an audience of more than 150 businesspeople, who were gathered in the Harbour Commissioner’s Office, he heard directly from a cross-sector representation of members including Caterpillar, A&L Goodbody, Eakin Healthcare, BT and Belfast Harbour.

His sentiments about boldness on the world-stage were echoed by NI Chamber President, Cathal Geoghegan, who stressed the need to agree and sell a compelling investment proposition, saying:

“Northern Ireland is a brilliant place to work, trade and invest, to innovate and grow. We have distinct competitive advantages; our people, our geography, our proven propensity for innovation and our unique market access.

“The challenge for all of us, businesses and policy makers together, is to agree and articulate an ambitious and bold proposition, which makes Northern Ireland stand out across these islands and all over the world. A proposition which ultimately, will deliver the prosperity which is within grasp.

“Off the back of last year’s Investment Summit and the US Trade Delegation, hosted by Joe Kennedy, we’ve heard about some brilliant, interested investors. They recognise our potential – it’s time we were bolder about it ourselves.”

The business breakfast with Joe Kennedy III was hosted by NI Chamber in partnership with BT.


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