Past Presidents

With a 240 year history, NI Chamber has been at the epicenter of innovation and enterprise since 1783. Our founders and past presidents were some of Northern Ireland’s finest innovators, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Today, the role of President is an honour assumed by leading local business people. It’s been held by senior figures from right across Northern Ireland, working in all sectors our economy.

Gillian McAuley

President 2022

Paul Murnaghan

President 2021

Ian Henry

President 2020

John Healy OBE

President 2019 – 2020

Ellvena Graham OBE

President 2017 -2018

Nick Coburn CBE

President 2016

Stephen McCully

President 2015

Kevin Kingston

President 2014 -2015

Mark Nodder OBE

President 2012 – 2013

Francis Martin CBE

President 2010 -2011

Dr Bro McFerran CBE

President 2008 -2009

Dr Mark Sweeney OBE

President 2006 -2007

Lord Rana MBE

President 2004-2005

Mike Mills OBE

President 2003

Victor Haslett CBE

President 2002

Timothy Quin

President 2001

Thomas Rodgers

President 2000

Owen Lamont

President 1999

Stephen L Kingon

President 1998

R J Colin Anderson OBE

President 1996 – 1997

Denis Galway

President 1995

Patrick Murphy

President 1994

William McGinnis DL

President 1993

Noel Stewart

President 1992

J Desmond Smyth

President 1991

Dr W Ben Wilson

President 1990

Dr William Hastings OBE JP

President 1989

Capt OWJ Henderson OBE DL

President 1988

T Roy Neill

President 1987

Ronald M Gibson

President 1986

Michael W S Maclaran

President 1985

John A Stringer

President 1984

Robert T Jordan MBE

President 1983

Sir Myles Humphreys JP

President 1982

John R Fetherston

President 1981

R Brumwell Henderson CBE

President 1980

Dr George Chambers

President 1979

Stanley Craigs OBE

President 1978

A James Beale

President 1977

Andrew B Copnall

President 1976

Robert D Rolston CBE

President 1975

Sir Ivan Ewart Bart DSC JP

President 1974

Erik E Utitz OBE JP

President 1973

H Maurice Gabbey

President 1972

Raymond E Thompson

President 1971

James A Rodgers JP

President 1970

Henry S Corscadden

President 1969

J Allan Gray

President 1968

G Henry Dunlop

President 1967

R Norman Crawford

President 1966

Irene Calvert

President 1965

George B Howden CBE

President 1964

David Andrews OBE JP

President 1963

A Thomas Robinson JP

President 1962

Robert McD Coulter

President 1961

E Mayne Reid

President 1960

J Elliott Forde CBE DL

President 1959

Sir James Norritt DL JP

President 1958

Sir Graham Larmor

President 1957

Robert H Murphy OBE

President 1956

Victor F Clarendon

President 1955

Sir Robert M T McConnell Bart VRD

President 1954

Senator Herbert Quinn CBE

President 1952 – 1953

Col L Sydney Henshall DSO

President 1951

Col Samuel G Haughton DL

President 1950

Sir Frederick E Rebbeck DSc DL

President 1949

RT Hon Sir Harry G H Mulholland Bart OL

President 1948

Richard de B Chamberlain

President 1947

Archibald Scott

President 1946

Sir Walter Smiles CIE DSO MP

President 1945

Arthur F Shillington

President 1944

Sir Thomas W McMullan

President 1943

Charles S Neill

President 1942

John G Michaels

President 1941

Frank N Cooke

President 1940

LT Col Cecil Lindsay DL

President 1939

Capt D Cecil Lindsay DL

President 1938

Sir Joseph McConnell Bart DL MP

President 1937

RT Hon John M Andrews DL MP

President 1936

Robert P C Gotto OBE

President 1935

Andrew C Marshall

President 1934

Henry H Stewart

President 1933

David D Reid DL MP

President 1932

Thomas Somerset MP

President 1931

Malcolm Gordon

President 1930

RT Hon Sir Edward M Archdale Bart DL MP

President 1929

Frank Anderson MBE

President 1928

Hugh L M’Cready

President 1927

John E Wellwood

President 1926

Robert B Henry

President 1925

Sir Samuel Kelly CBE

President 1924

Sir William F Coates Bart DL

President 1923

W Hubert Webb DL

President 1922

William McMullan

President 1921

7th Marquis of Londonderry KG

President 1920

Hugh L Garrett

President 1919

Hugh M Pollock DL

President 1917 – 1918

James H Stirling

President 1916

Samuel C Davidson

President 1915

R Ernest Herdman DL

President 1914

G Herbert Ewart

President 1913

Robert A Mitchell

President 1912

J Milne Barbour DL

President 1911

John Rogers

President 1910

George S Clark MP

President 1909

Sir Charles H Brett

President 1908

9th Earl of Shaftesbury KCVO

President 1907

Robert H S Reade DL

President 1906

Alexander Cooke

President 1905

Walter H Wilson

President 1904

James Wilson

President 1903

RT Hon Thomas Sinclair DL

President 1902

Robert Thompson

President 1901

William Crawford

President 1900

Frederick L Heyn

President 1899

Gustav W Wolff MP

President 1898

R Kyle Knox

President 1897

6th Marquis of Londonderry KG

President 1896

Sir R Lloyd Patterson DL

President 1895

Herbert O Lanyon

President 1894

John Greenhill

President 1893

David B Lytle

President 1892

William C Mitchell

President 1891

Adam Duffin

President 1890

Charles C Connor MP

President 1889

Sir William Q Ewart Bart DL

President 1888

Francis D Ward

President 1887

J Theodore Richardson

President 1886

Robert Megaw

President 1885

Sir E P Cowan HML

President 1884

John Jaffe

President 1883

Sir James P Corry Bart MP

President 1882

Robert H Reade DL

President 1881

R Lloyd Patterson DL

President 1880

RT Hon John Young DL

President 1879

Alexander Johns

President 1878

Sir James Musgrave Bart DL

President 1877

RT Hon Thomas Sinclair DL

President 1876

Thomas Valentine

President 1875

Elias H Thompson

President 1874

Sir John Preston

President 1873

Alexander Johns

President 1872

William Spotten

President 1871

Sir James Hamilton

President 1870

Finlay M’Cance

President 1869

Sir Edward Coey DL

President 1868

John Lytle

President 1867

Charles Duffin

President 1866

James MaCauley

President 1865

Robert Henderson

President 1864

Sir William Ewart Bart MP

President 1863

Thomas Sinclair

President 1862

John Hind

President 1861

John Herdman

President 1860

James Bristow

President 1859

Sir Thomas M’Clure Bart VL MP

President 1858

Robert Grimshaw DL

President 1857

John Thompson DL

President 1856

James Bristow

President 1855

James Kennedy

President 1854

William Valentine

President 1853

William Coates DL

President 1852

John F Ferguson DL

President 1851

James Steen

President 1850

James Bristow

President 1849

Robert McDowell

President 1843 – 1848

William Boyd

President 1835 – 1842

Robert Callwell

President 1834

William Boyd

President 1833

John S Ferguson

President 1821 – 1832

Narcissus Batt

President 1820

Robert Bradshaw

President 1807 – 1819

William Sinclaire

President 1804 – 1806

Hugh Montgomery

President 1802 – 1803

Alexander Orr

President 1791 – 1794

Waddell Cunningham

President 1783 – 1790

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