NI Chamber welcomes news that Executive may be restored imminently

30th Jan 2024

NI Chamber’s President, Cathal Geoghegan and Chief Executive, Suzanne Wylie have welcomed news that the Northern Ireland Executive may be restored imminently.

“Following a decision by the DUP Executive last night and as discussions between our political parties begin today, we hope to see the Executive restored within days, but importantly, on a long-term, sustainable footing. Clearly the pressing issue of public sector pay will need to be dealt with immediately and the new Executive will then need to agree a new Programme for Government to deal with the longer-term challenges we are facing.

“NI Chamber is ready to work in partnership with Executive Ministers and our members are prepared to get to work; co-designing and co-delivering on ways to tackle challenges and realise economic opportunities for long-term, shared prosperity.

“Whilst we await clarity on the details of the proposed deal, it is our hope that it helps to unlock Northern Ireland’s economic potential, underpinned by its unique capabilities and strengths.

“Our priority now is delivery; on the public finances and transformation of public services, as well as economic priorities including reform of the planning system, boosting productivity, solving the childcare challenge, dealing with our skills and infrastructure gaps and developing our unique proposition as a place to do business.”