Have your say: International Trade Survey

26th Oct 2022

Today we are opening our International Trade Survey in partnership with Invest Northern Ireland.

Political change at Westminster means that the voices of businesses like yours have never been more important. We have a unique opportunity to get your views directly in front of the UK Government.

The results of this survey will be anonymously shared directly with UK government ministers and officials, ensuring that this new administration is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities with International Trade facing businesses in Northern Ireland.

In this survey, we want to hear about:

  • Your experience of supply chain issues;
  • The impact of inflation;
  • What would help you to increase trade internationally;
  • Priorities for future trade deals; and
  • The impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement with the European Union Thank you for your continued support of this crucial research work to support businesses in Northern Ireland.

Click here to access the survey, which will run until 9 November.

We very much appreciate as much feedback as possible to inform our own policy positions and priorities for the year ahead.