SRC Innovate Ashvale Farm Shop

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Southern Regional College

8th Dec 2021

Southern Regional College’s Food Innovation Specialist Rachel Lyttle has recently finished a project with Ashvale Farm Shop. In light of the Pre Pack for Direct Sale law in October 2021, Ashvale Farm Shop had recognized that they needed to respond to this in order to legally comply, ensuring that allergens are identified & highlighted to the consumers on their retail labels.

Rachel was able to provide mentoring and support under the funded InnovateUs Programme providing 60 hours of mentoring funded by the Department for the Economy.

Rachel worked with the team to ensure that allergens were identified & highlighted to the consumers on all retail labels. The team can now create their own retail labels with confidence and knowledge that has been provided by Rachel.

‘’We want to thank Rachel for her patience & support throughout this project. Initially, we had little confidence on the topic & throughout the project, she kept us at ease & on the correct path until completion.  With the training that we have gained, we now have the confidence to create our own retail labels & know that the label information is correct’’.

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