Mindset Launches New Website

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Studio Mindset

10th Jun 2021

Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and E-Commerce studio Mindset, are excited to announce the launch of their new website. With a strong body of work, and a long list of satisfied clients, they wanted to create a website that communicated what they did clearly and then let the work speak for itself. Using a fresh and contemporary design, along with the lastest in web animation and coding standards, they have built a website that will engage and entice clients both past, present and future.

View the website now


Partner / Lead Designer Mike Hesketh said:

“2020 showed us what we could do best and what we could do better. We decided to rebrand and offer a clearer list of services that we know we can do really well. It also allowed us to sharpen our focus on our clients and what we can offer businesses to help boost their sales. We have been hard at work over the past few months reviewing our portfolio of work and building this new website to clearly demonstrate to clients, both current and prospective, the quality of our work and how branding, web design and e-commerce can all work together to take advantage of the new digital world we find ourselves in 2021.”


Partner / Lead Developer Gareth Donaldson said:

“We’ve always delivered high-quality graphic design and web design for our clients but pushing forward into 2021, and beyond, we wanted to clearly tell businesses in Northern Ireland that the future is selling your products and services online and the future is now. We offer our clients a detailed branding package that gives them the competitive edge in the marketplace, underpinned by a robust website design and e-commerce platform. There is no doubt in our minds that any business can greatly benefit from what we can do for them.”


Going forward into 2021, Mindset will be adding more work to their site as they finish up some exciting projects that they are looking forward to sharing. They want to hear from Northern Ireland businesses and discuss with them how branding, web design and e-commerce can make a positive impact on your future operations and allow you to take advantage of the online buying and selling trend that is here to stay.


Mindset invite you to visit their website at www.studiomindset.co.uk and to get in touch with either Mike mike@studiomindset.co.uk or Gareth gareth@studiomindset.co.uk