Leading Through Wellbeing – New Wellbeing Focused Leadership Programme from Dorothy McKee Consulting

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Dorothy McKee Consulting

12th Aug 2021

What are you doing as a Leader to put Well-Being at the heart of Your Leadership Practice in Your Organisation?
Over the last few weeks, you will have witnessed an increase in the number of posts on social media about the importance of health and well-being at work. There is no doubt the pandemic has created an increased impetus to take this issue seriously. What has struck me however is the lack of attention given supporting the managers in dealing with a very different workforce, with different issues and a different working environment.
Difficult issues will have to be faced by managers. The latest reports in the media indicate that some Technology companies are insisting employees must have been double vaccinated to return to the office.
In recent discussions with managers on ilm Leadership and Management programmes there is an increased awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence, coaching, showing empathy and building trust. Through my recent discussions with the managers, it was evident that they needed a safe space to reflect on the challenges that lie ahead and to learn from their peers.

Take a moment now and think about the consequences of the following:

• The physical and psychological impact of Covid-19 on your employees and their capacity to embrace the changed working environment in a positive way

• The pressures on Middle Managers in managing and motivating teams empathetically, whilst handling stress, minimising conflict and ensuring productivity does not suffer

• What managers understand about the importance of balancing connection, collaboration and employee wellbeing

If you are interested in learning more about the unique Leading through well-being level 5 in leadership and Management to be launched in the autumn by Healthier-Self and Dorothy McKee Consulting, please contact Dorothy McKee at dorothy@dorothymckee.com . The schedule of the dates for the course is now available and the cost.