Introducing PKS: Personalised Kids’ Stuff

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17th Jun 2021

PKS is a young, growing company specialising in personalised kids’ products. Following the success of our first product – personalised silicone name bands for bottles – we have seen huge possibilities for other personalised products.

We have developed a range of personalised kids’ cutlery which is comprised of silicone baby led weaning spoons and a beautiful toddler spoon and fork set – both designed to inspire independent eating.  In addition, we have just introduced wooden Mood Mob emotion cards, wooden Number Match counting cards and most recently wooden milestone discs, ideal for celebrating a baby’s growth.

Personalised Bottle Bands and Personalised Kids’ Cutlery Sets

We launched our company in the early part of 2021 against the background of the Covid pandemic. Covid actually inspired us with ideas for our products – personalised, properly named products mean it’s far less likely that lots of people will handle the items! We are a mum run company and we know ourselves how concerned parents are to try and keep their kids’ things clean and children as healthy as possible!

Our colour bottle bands and personalised kids’ cutlery sets are clearly marked using laser technology, making it easy to see who they belong to and meaning that they are less likely to be confused with other similar items! We also use laser technology when marking our wooden products with the customer’s chosen personalisation.

As a company we take a great interest in children and their needs and we make our products stylish and practical as well as colourful – so kids love them! Customers can choose the lettering they want on our bottle name bands and baby weaning spoons, toddler cutlery sets and on the drawstring bag of our wooden emotion cards and wooden Number Match cards. This also makes our products ideal as personalised baby gifts.

Not only does the personalisation of our products ensure that they are clearly named, it also helps young children become familiar with the lettering in their names.  This can be a big help for preschool children who are just starting to learn letters! Additionally it gives young children ownership of their own things which can be very important as kids grow and want to feel in control!

Eco Friendly Kids’ Products

Another big concern for PKS is offering products that are as eco friendly as possible. We are well aware of the importance of minimising damage to the planet and we source materials and packaging with this in mind.

PKS products are made from eco friendly materials that are recyclable – we personally offer to recycle used products once they are finished with.  Our main materials are BPA free silicone and stainless steel, along will wood for some of our newest products.

All the materials we use for our products are extremely durable and easy to keep clean – we know how important that is! Our personalised silicone grip bands for bottles can be washed on the bottle by hand or in the machine, our personalised kids’ cutlery is also dishwasher safe. Wooden products are fully wipeable or can be washed in soapy water.

Mood Mob Emotion Cards – Helping Kids Talk About Their Feelings

The pandemic has meant that the spotlight has been placed on mental health and children’s psychological wellbeing is of prime importance. Isolation from friends, family and school has meant that kids’ mental health has been very challenged. At PKS we are very aware of this so we have introduced wooden Mood Mob emotion cards, designed to help children express emotions which they might otherwise find hard to talk about, an excellent communication aid for young children.

Our wooden emotion cards have been marked with character feelings faces – they can be used in multiple ways, for storytelling or simply to express hidden feelings. Our wooden Mood Mob emotion cards come in a personalised drawstring bag – so children can really feel able to own their feelings!

Wooden Number Match Cards and Milestone Discs

Just arriving in our range are wooden Number Match cards – 24 cards that kids can match to make 12 pairs! Children can count the dots on each durable wooden card and match them to the corresponding number pieces – and number pieces are marked with the appropriate number word which helps literacy!  Younger children can start with a few pieces and older children can race to complete the set! Each set comes in a personalised drawstring, fully washable bag.

We chose to make these products from recyclable wood. This gives kids the benefits of feeling closer to nature – it’s well known that being surrounded by natural materials can really help mental health and relieve stress.  It’s also tactile and durable, it won’t tear or break easily like cardboard alternatives.

To add to our wooden range we will shortly be introducing milestone discs so that parents can celebrate their baby’s progress at every stage of their first year!  These will be personalised with the customer’s choice of name, making them a very special memento that also makes an ideal new baby gift.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we do respond quickly to any customer queries to  try to ensure that everyone is extremely happy with our products, and indeed with us as a company! PKS products are for kids, mums, grandparents and everyone looking for well thought out, superbly stylish and positively practical personalised kids’ stuff!