How to Stay Ahead of New Payroll Regulations

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Payescape Ltd

1st Sep 2021

As employers continue to manage furlough changes and the upcoming expiration of the furlough scheme, payroll administration will continue to be challenging in the coming months. How can your payroll team stay ahead of new regulations and ensure compliance for your payroll process?

With more employees coming back to work and the continuation of hybrid or work-from-home arrangements, using automated processes will be vital in order to get business operations in order. Payroll is one of the largest administrative components for a business, so using cloud-based technology that can be accessed either remotely or in the office is vital to keep continuity across the organisation.

Advancements in technology integration also will allow payroll and HR teams to share employee data on one platform, provide self-service portals for employees to manage their own personal information and make updates if necessary. Using employee self-service portals also reduces manual processes and paperwork for payroll and HR teams.

Using integrated software that automates new regulation changes is the best way to stay ahead of upcoming payroll changes and ensures compliance for the organisation. With less time spent on manual processes or paperwork, your payroll team can focus other important initiatives and enhancements to the business. Talk to our team today about staying ahead of payroll regulations and ensuring compliance for your organisation