How to Simplify Payroll Operations

Posted By:
Payescape Ltd

18th Aug 2021

No matter the size of the company, payroll operations is a vital component to running a business. But with compliance and regulatory changes each year, ongoing furlough requirements, and employee administration, payroll keeps getting more complicated. How can you simplify payroll operations for your team and ensure compliance?

A fresh look at your technology can give you a perspective on how payroll is running each month. Can you run custom reports? Can you view payroll in real time and make quick changes if you spot errors? Knowing how your technology fits into the process can quickly identify issues that may be complicating your payroll each month.

Employee data is another common challenge for payroll teams. When employees make a personal change, such as moving to a new home, your payroll team is impacted by these small administrative processes that can quickly add up the more employees you have. Your payroll software should provide employee self-service so your employees can make their own admin changes, reduce errors, and eliminate manual processes to make simple changes.

If your team wants to simplify payroll operations, start with the tools and technology you are using as a company. Look for software that integrates with HR and time management tools so your employee data flows through one system, provides monthly reporting, and reduces redundancies within the company.

Payescape provides one platform to manage employees easily and in compliance. Our payroll software has customised reporting so you can view payroll in real-time, direct file with HMRC, and ensure compliance with all statutory payroll regulations as they evolve. Our integrated HR and time and absence management tools provide vital workforce management tools for your team. Talk to us today to learn more and simplify your payroll operations.