Galgorm partners with top clinical expert to launch Aesthetics at The Skin Clinic

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Galgorm Collection

1st Nov 2021

The Skin Clinic at Galgorm, one of Northern Ireland’s leading, premier skincare and beauty clinics, has announced a brand new partnership with top clinician and skin expert Dr Andrew Mottram to launch a brand new aesthetics treatment offering.

Taking residence within The Skin Clinic every Thursday and Friday, Dr Andrew Mottram will offer a range of new anti-ageing treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, Profhilo and Dermapen, designed to maximise the skin’s potential and promote a radiant, youthful look.

The expanded treatment menu, focusing on injectable skin boosters and anti-ageing treatments, complements The Skin Clinic’s existing range of premier skincare services and luxurious products for beautiful, youthful, healthy skin.

Tara Moore, Head of Spa Operations at Galgorm said:

“I am thrilled to confirm a brand new partnership with one of Northern Ireland’s leading aesthetics practitioners to expand upon the comprehensive range of advanced, premier skincare treatments on offer at The Skin Clinic.

Dr Andrew Mottram is a highly celebrated clinician with extensive experience in the area of aesthetics and injectable treatments. With a comprehensive new range of treatments, carried out in the tranquil surroundings of our award-winning Spa by a fully trained clinical practitioner, the new offering will further strengthen The Skin Clinic as one of the island of Ireland’s leading venues for wellbeing and beauty.

At The Skin Clinic, we take time to listen to our clients and prioritise their needs. Feedback from clients showed a really strong demand for this enhanced service offering so we’re delighted to now be able to offer all of our clients the best and most effective clinical anti-ageing treatments as part of the Galgorm experience.”

Aesthetics at The Skin Clinic offers a professional range of clinical procedures which prioritises maximising the skin’s potential, helping men and women slow down the ageing process so that they can embrace every stage of their vibrant, colourful life with confidence and courage.

Selected for its synergy with Galgorm Skin Clinic’s ethos to maximise skin potential with treatments suited specifically to individual skin types, the new treatment range will guide clients through their journey to improving the health and appearance of their skin.

With 20 years’ experience working in the UK and Ireland and Australia, Dr Andrew Mottram is a Belfast-based clinician specialising in aesthetic skin treatments, dermatology and dermatosurgery.

Aesthetics expert and top skin clinician Dr Andrew Mottram said:

“I’m delighted to partner with The Skin Clinic at Galgorm and introduce a new suite of services to both new and existing clients. Over the last number of years, I’ve dedicated my career to maximising the skin’s potential through the use of aesthetics so clients can feel confident in the services now on offer. The treatments that I perform help with client skin concerns and can decelerate or reverse the ageing process, with discreet and natural results.

The Skin Clinic at Galgorm is an impressive, established clinic working with some of the best and most effective skincare brands out there, including IMAGE and SkinCeuticals. This new treatment offering will provide clients with the full skincare treatment experience, delivering real results tailored to individual skin and skincare goals.

I’m really looking forward to welcoming clients to my specialist clinic and to developing this exciting new partnership with Galgorm, one of the world’s top Spa and wellbeing destinations.”

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