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Football fans and gamers help set new records for Fibrus

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Lanyon Group

14th Dec 2023

Football fans have sent internet usage for full fibre broadband provider Fibrus to record levels.

A rise in customers has already seen the company reaching new heights for its network in Cumbria and Northern Ireland, but recent Amazon Prime live sports specials took it to a new level.

December saw Amazon Prime stream six live football matches – including Liverpool, Manchester United and Man City being broadcast simultaneously – and Fibrus’ network figures reflected the surge in interest.

Neil Isherwood, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Fibrus, explained: “Normally matches are on terrestrial or satellite, and so there is not much traffic through the internet. BT Sport uses the internet but also uses multi-cast to lower the usage.

“Amazon broadcasts solely across the internet and without multi-cast – so every single person gets their own stream. We hit a peak of 299Gbps at 8.50pm on Wednesday – a new record.

“Our previous highest day had been when the new Call of Duty game was released on November 9 when we hit 241Gbps, so a 30 per cent uplift on this previous record.”

The record-breaking traffic followed one of Fibrus’ most successful days overall in recent history, when the launch of the new Fortnite season saw gamers leading to an all-day traffic surge.

Neil said: “The game was released early in the morning and our network saw a surge which then remained high all day.

“Normally on a Sunday we have a slow ramp up followed by a peak for streaming at home from about 8pm to 10pm. Last Sunday, the peak began at 8am and then stayed until the end of the streaming.”

He continued: “The biggest thing to come out of all of this, for me, is that we have had these record peaks and yet none of our customers would know: their streaming was completely uninterrupted.

“Even with record numbers, we still ran at only about 40 per cent of our capacity. We are constantly looking at expected usage and releases and are fully prepared: it’s the swan effect.”