Greg McCann appointed new Londonderry Chamber President

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Londonderry Chamber of Commerce

14th Dec 2023

Greg McCann has been appointed the 81st President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

Greg is Executive Director and Site Head of FinTrU North West.

In his address at the AGM, Greg spoke of the need for a functioning Executive to help support businesses and households in the North West experiencing the consequences of the cost of doing business crisis, as well as his goals for 2024.

Greg will be supported in his role by Andrew Fleming from Fleming Steel, as Chamber Vice President.


Speaking to members at the AGM, Chamber President Greg McCann said:

“The North West city region has amazing potential if we can harness it in the right way. There is a clear appetite from businesses in the North West to grow bigger, employ more people, support skills development and invest more in our local economy. We want to help them do that.

“Chamber will also continue to press for the rebalancing of Northern Ireland’s economy in a way that benefits everyone. We look forward to working with Invest NI to see the implementation of its action plan in 2024 and ensure that inward investment and job creation is felt by people living in every part of this region.

“Just as it did last year, the absence of a functioning Executive is having an unquestionable effect on the local economy and hampering growth in many areas. The job of work now is to support our political leaders to find a way back to local power-sharing so that we can start to address these issues, which impact all of us.


“I would like to thank Selina for outstanding leadership and commitment during the past 12 months and I look forward to working with the Chamber team in the coming months to maximise our potential and champion North West businesses.”  


Outgoing President Selina Horshi added:

“It has been the privilege of a lifetime to be President of the Chamber. During my tenure, I worked to ensure the voice of our region was heard at every level of government. As a Chamber, we have navigated uncertain times, with the lack of an Assembly and the ever-rising costs of doing business taking centre stage. However, I have been encouraged and heartened throughout 2023 by a membership of talented, unique, and skilled business leaders.

“Having worked closely with Greg over the past year, I am certain his leadership will continue the Chamber’s great work and ensure our region’s voice remains loud over the next 12 months.”