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Data protection breakthrough earns major European cybersecurity award for Allstate NI

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Allstate NI

16th Jun 2023

Allstate NI’s information security team has set a new industry standard for protecting consumer data – and earned a major European cybersecurity award for the project.

The team’s Identity and Access project was celebrated at the 16th annual European Identity and Cloud Conference in Berlin.

The Belfast-based Allstate team was recognised for their work in enabling real-time data processing that allows systems to respond to events instantly. This lessens the risk of privileged account abuse by significantly reducing the amount of time a malicious actor has access to sensitive data.

The project improved Allstate NI’s efficiency, security, and risk management and was recognised for its innovation and outstanding results that established a new, safer standard for data protection.

At the European Identity and Cloud Conference, which showcases excellence in the identity management and cybersecurity industry, the local technologists picked up the “Identity Fabrics” award to an audience of over 1500 industry representatives from across Europe.

After collecting the award, Director of Identity & Access Management Robert McCausland said:

“I am privileged to accept this award on behalf of our Information Security team. The Identity and Access programme has strengthened our ability to deliver the highest level of security and is testament to the incredible hard work of our team over the past several months.”

Vice President and Managing Director of Allstate NI Dr. Stephen McKeown said:

“Through this project, our teams achieved new levels of innovation, enhancing our methods of protecting consumer data. Allstate has set a new industry benchmark, and I congratulate the Information Security team on this achievement.”