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Translink confirms 1.5 million miles of emissions-free bus travel last year   

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16th Jun 2023

Investment in Zero Emission bus technology in Northern Ireland is making real progress, addressing the climate emergency and delivering a cleaner region.

Last year, Translink Metro buses in Belfast completed over 1.5 million milesof emissions-free travel, removing 1,635 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and supporting Translink’s target to operate a net zero fleet across Northern Ireland by 2040.

Currently, Translink has more than 100 Zero Emission buses in its fleet with plans for another 44 to enter passenger service this year. This includes a bus renewal project for Foyle Metro services which will see Derry~Londonderry become one of the first cities in the UK and Ireland to operate a fully Zero Emission urban bus service. Coleraine will also start to see new Zero Emission buses added to the local bus fleet later this year.

Chris Conway, Translink CEO, said: “Investment in zero emission fleet & technology, along with modal shift, is vital to tackle the climate crisis and achieve the emission reduction targets set out in the Northern Ireland Climate Change Act.

“Over five million emissions-free bus passenger journeys were made on Metro last year, cutting congestion on local roads while reducing noise and air pollution across Belfast. Our customers are also enjoying the comfort of these state-of-the-art vehicles that meet the latest standards in accessibility and safety.

“Translink remains committed to delivering attractive, modern, fully accessible and greener services supporting a cleaner region and a better quality of life for generations to come. We look forward to further investment in zero emission public transport in the years ahead,” said Chris.

Debbie Caldwell, Climate Commissioner, Belfast City Council, added: “As a city, we have committed to reducing our emissions by 80% by 2030. With transport accounting for around one fifth of our emissions, Translink’s commitment to Zero Emission public transport is playing a critical role in achieving this target and reducing air pollution in our city.

“Alongside this, we’re encouraging people to reduce the number of car journeys they make and use public transport more often, and with new walking and cycling routes opening up across the city, Belfast will be a cleaner and more pleasant place to live, visit and work.

“Belfast City Council is also developing an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure strategy to support the transition to electric vehicles and the delivery of public charging infrastructure. And we are in the process of developing a Local Area Energy Plan to identify the most cost-effective measures to decarbonise housing, transport and energy in different parts of the city. All these efforts support our ambition to transition to an inclusive, resilient net zero city by 2050.”

Translink currently operates the fourth largest zero emission bus fleet in the UK and Ireland.