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AdaptNI joins Chamber of Commerce and Business Northern Ireland: Pioneering inclusive employment support for member businesses

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9th Jan 2024

Hello fellow members, we are AdaptNI, set up on 1st July 2022, to continue specialist employment support for the Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Communities throughout NI.

You can find out more about us here

As a social enterprise committed to empowering individuals and businesses through specialised employment support services, AdaptNIs inclusion within the Chamber amplifies the resources and expertise available to member businesses. Through this partnership, AdaptNI brings tailored employment guidance, access to a diverse talent pool, and comprehensive support programs to enhance inclusivity within the Chamber’s membership.

AdaptNI is excited to join the esteemed ranks of the Chamber, aligning our commitment to fostering inclusive employment practices with the Chamber’s mission. Our specialist  in employment support for the Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Communities throughout Northern Ireland, will be a valuable asset to fellow Chamber members, offering tailored guidance and resources to facilitate the integration of diverse talents within your businesses.

We are a small team of 5, Laura, Alex, Laura, Andy and Liza.

Please consider us for employment and joint working opportunities. Currently we are delivering two employment Programmes

WorkableNI – In work employment support

SES Supported Employment Solutions partnership is made up of seven disability organisations from across Northern Ireland who have come together to deliver the Workable (NI) Programme across the Region

SES aims to offer a Supported Employment approach in the delivery of programmes to assist people with disabilities and health conditions to enter and stay in employment.

The Workable (NI) Programme is funded by the Department for Communities

If you or your staff are Deaf, have hearing loss or Tinnitus we can support you – contact – the wider consortium provide disability specialist and specific support. Check out the website ( )


SkillSET – pre-employment support

SkillSET is an innovative program aimed at providing specialised employment preparation and training for targeted groups in Northern Ireland, particularly those with disabilities and/or health conditions.

The wider consortium provides specialist disability specific support. Check out the website Home – Action Mental Health (

For more information on AdaptNI ,and to link with the team drop an email to