Discover everything you need to know about the primary standard for openBIM data exchange!

In this webinar, our BIM & Digital Integration Consultants Seamus Duffin & Stephen Conlon will dive into the world of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

You will learn the importance of using IFCs and how they serve as a bridge that enables the exchange of comprehensive data between different applications. Adopting the IFC format promotes collaboration by breaking down silos between disciplines, facilitates data integrity & delivers longevity and sustainability of data, and future proofs projects!


  • What are IFCs?
  • The different IFC Schemas
  • How it’s used in industry & who uses it
  • The importance of structuring data within an IFC file
  • IFC implementation guidance
  • Integrating different IFC disciplines
  • Plans for IFC & Future openBIM
  • Pentagon’s Services and Training