Why go on the programme?

This advanced mediation course is available to those with experience in mediation and designed to assist the development of skills and strategies for more complex conflict intervention particularly group situations. It also builds strength as a reflective practitioner to foster further self learning based on practice. Topics will be covered using a mixture of practical exercises, group discussion, input from trainers and personal reflection. Participants will also be encouraged to work independently on the topics between sessions using book lists, discussion with other people or observation of real-life conflict intervention situations.
All candidates must have successfully completed a recognised mediation qualification plus two mediated cases.

Programme Details

CPD & OCN Accredited
Venue: Mediation House, Belfast
Accredited with the Open College Network (Level 4 with 6 Credits) this course provides an opportunity for mediation practitioners to build upon good practice and learn more advanced skills.  The learning outcomes include:

  • Reflection on previous mediation practice.
  • Group dynamics and systems theories.
  • Organisational change.
  • Large group/complex conflict analysis tools and intervention techniques.
  • Opportunities for skills practice and practical case studies.
  • Good practice matters for mediators.
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