Join Anaeko for our next webinar as we discuss the strategies and approaches through data discovery and data analytics that can help achieve your transport sustainability goals.

Explore the transformative power of data in the transport industry. Discover real-world success stories of risk reduction, enhanced services, & cost savings through rapid data discovery. Join us to unlock a new era of transportation innovation.

Anaeko welcomes David Crangle, from Simplicity Group, as joint speaker for this webinar. David will speak around using vehicle CCTV and telematics to drive sustainability and achieve cost efficiencies.

About Simplicity Group

Simplicity Group is Ireland’s Premium Provider for award-winning fleet management software Bridgestone Webfleet Telematics and MANTIS vehicle cameras. The connected system provides real-time data, in one centrally located platform, alerting users to various factors such as:

– Driver behaviour

– Vehicle Incidents

– Proactive vehicle maintenance checks

– Tachograph compliance

– CO2 monitoring

– And more

It is the industry-leading approach to streamline operations, enhance security, and reduce administrative time for fleets in transportation.