You want to use LinkedIn to grow your business – raise your profile, make valuable connections and get more visibility.

In this workshop, you’ll not only learn lots of useful practical tips and theory about how LinkedIn works, but you’ll also bring along your own laptop to start implementing what you’re learning straight away!


Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the main platform for B2B social media marketing and building your professional network. With over 950m users, are you leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships, raise your profile and get consistent referrals and leads?

How do you raise the profile of your company AND your team on LinkedIn when you have no time or lack the expertise needed to make an impact?

What’s covered:

  • How to create a fully optimised LinkedIn Profile
  • How to find and connect with potential customers and clients
  • What, when and how to post on LinkedIn
  • Social Selling Strategies
  • Company Page Strategy
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Premium Services

Who is your host?


Louise is a podcaster, speaker and LinkedIn consultant.

With clients from industries as varied as packaging, retail distribution, legal, accountancy and real estate, Louise has worked with thousands of clients who want to leverage LinkedIn to grow their business.

Louise runs a LinkedIn Marketing agency creating LinkedIn content for professional services companies and offering LinkedIn training workshops. Louise speaks at events both locally and internationally from Dublin to Los Angeles all about how to use LinkedIn for business. Louise is also a Small business Champion for the UK and has been invited to Buckingham Palace and the House of Lords in recognition of her support for small business.