Course Objectives

This 2 day course is designed to Introduce users to the PowerBI Desktop, covering the essential skills you need to create and save interactive Visual reports. The course is aimed at data analysts, who need an introduction to Power BI from beginner level. It will cover key areas such as connecting to Data, introducing the Data Model and how to shape your data, how to build relationships, use Many to One Relationships, apply common DAX formula and functions and finally visualize your data with interactive reports, all within the PowerBI Desktop.

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to create Visually pleasing and informative Reports using the PowerBI Desktop. You will learn how to load raw data into the Power Query and Transform the same data into a Visual Report in PowerBI. This course will cover a selection of Visuals such as composition, comparison and correlation, along with Cards, Slicers and Tables. You will also learn how to run Data Cleansing and apply common DAX formula covering some basic calculations and functions.


2 Days


  • A working knowledge of Excel and common Functions
  • Knowledge of Relational Database concepts would be advantageous
  • No prior knowledge of creating charts is required
  • An understanding of the need to process your information visually
  • An understanding of the use of large datasets

Course Objectives 

What is Power BI?

  • The Elements of Power BI
  • Exploring the Power BI Desktop

Importing Data Sources

  • Importing and Connecting to Data Sources
  • Connecting to a Data Source in Excel / CSV Files

Transform and Shaping Data

  • Introduction to the Power Query Editor
  • Data Types, Header Rows and Replace Values
  • Remove Columns and Rows
  • Splitting Columns
  • Transforming Data – Number, Date and Text Specific Tools
  • Adding Columns
  • Data Groups and Group BY
  • Add Conditional & Index Columns
  • Applied Steps

Introduction to the Data Model & Relating Tables

  • Introduction to the Data Model
  • Create and Edit a Relationship
  • Many to One Relationships
  • Filter Flow

Introduction to DAX

  • Introduction to DAX Syntax
  • Add a Calculated Column to a Dataset
  • Using Count and Distinct Count Functions
  • Create a Measure to be used in the Values Field of your Visuals

Visualizing Data in a Report

  • Create a Report in Power BI
  • Use Visuals such as Column, Bar, Line and Area Charts, Treemap, Funnel, Cards, Tables and Matrix
  • Customising Formats
  • Using Slicers
  • Editing Interactions between Visuals
  • Filters
  • Drill – Through Filters
  • Bookmarks

Publish Report to Power BI Service

  • Overview on Publishing a Report to the Power BI Service
  • Add Tiles to a Dashboard
  • Q&A Question Box

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