Aim: Build a Career Success Story to create positive impact, make a difference and inspire


  • Explore your career story to identify your purpose and passion
  • Use body language to increase confidence in high-stakes situations when your leadership presence matters most
  • Identify core values that drive behaviours and performance
  • Recognise the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from making a difference
  • Acknowledge the role Emotional Intelligence plays within Leadership
  • Use influencing techniques to build success and drive collaboration


  1. What’s in this for You and Your Organisation?
  • The double-bind of the female leader
  • Career advancement
  • Create more value
  • Make a difference
  • Build your reputation and branding
  1. My Career Story So Far
  • Power Posing: Change your body to change your mindset
  • Storytelling Networking activity
  • Know your values and personal power
  • Self-limiting beliefs and our map of the world
  • Learned helplessness
  1. Empowering Yourself Through Branding & Exposure
  • PIE Model; Performance, Image and Exposure
  • What is your image?
  • How do others perceive you?
  • Leveraging the PIE Model
  • What story can you create to establish impact and ensure a more inspiring future?
  1. The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ and Leadership styles
  • Identification and development of appropriate leadership style and behaviors
  • Discretionary effort
  1. Influence for Success
  • The interpersonal influence model
  • Circle of influence
  • Outcome based thinking
  • Steps to achieving a successful outcome
  1. Feedback  –  The Breakfast of Champions  
  • The Johari window feedback model
  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Impact vs Intention
  1. Your Brand Story: ‘Who-I-Am’
  • Create, build and manage your personal brand
  • Share your career brand story so far
  • Action plan for Your future Career Success Story

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