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NI Business Alliance welcomes focus on investment

12th Sep 2023

Speaking about the Northern Ireland Investment Summit, members of the NI Business Alliance have welcomed the focus on investment, saying:  

“As an investment location, Northern Ireland has exciting and unique opportunities.

“The focus on investment is welcome and we look forward to the Summit, where the clear message is that Northern Ireland is not just open for business but is poised for growth and has significant potential.

“It is a chance to showcase the compelling success stories of our homegrown and newly located businesses, alongside the features that make Northern Ireland stand out as a place to grow and invest.

“Importantly, we are now uniquely positioned as a gateway to two of the world’s largest markets; unfettered and flexible access to the EU and UK makes this the only jurisdiction in the world from which business can sell into GB and the EU free of customs and regulatory barriers.

“Our success in advanced manufacturing, finance and professional services, fintech, cyber, health and life sciences, aerospace, engineering, agrifood and creative and digital industries, has been transformative. This has been underpinned by a world-class digital and communications infrastructure and our proven propensity for innovation, along with a strong skills base and talent pool developed by excellent universities and colleges.

“Our size, mindset and digital infrastructure also make this the perfect place to test new ideas in areas including medtech, low-carbon technology and advanced engineering and manufacturing, to name but a few.

“Global investors in businesses, supply chains, business alliances, distribution and sales, along with real estate, can help Northern Ireland realise even more of its potential.

“Of course, investors and businesses alike value certainty and the Business Alliance remains optimistic about the prospect of more positive discussions around the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive.”