Statement from NI Chamber

27th Apr 2023

Following today’s written statement by Northern Ireland Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris, Ann McGregor, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NI Chamber) said:

“NI Chamber welcomes that a budget has been set at the beginning of the financial year. It is also welcome that some flexibility has been secured on the overspend from last year. However, even with that flexibility, this budget will pose significant difficulties for our economy both now and in the future.

“While we await details on how senior officials will implement the budget, it serves as a timely reminder that we need a functioning Executive up and running to agree priorities and take difficult decisions. Not only should the budget place a razor like focus on how the Executive raises and spends money, it should also accelerate the debate on how Stormont is funded from Westminster for the next decade and beyond.

“Despite all the challenges and the reality of our fiscal constraints, our businesses remain resilient and continue to grow. NI Chamber is committed to working with policymakers to ensure that even with such significant fiscal pressure, by working together we drive the best outcomes possible for our people and our businesses.”