Request for feedback: Northern Ireland Energy Strategy Call for Evidence

24th Feb 2020

The UK government is committed to making the UK economy a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.  This means that the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions will need be cut as much as possible, and those remaining will have to be offset with new technology such as carbon capture and storage.  This ‘net zero’ target represents a significant step-change in Northern Ireland’s existing commitment to address the climate crisis.  As a result, the Department for the Economy is consulting on a new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland to support this step change – and NI Chamber will be submitting a response on behalf of its members.

The ‘net zero’ target does have significant implications for business/industry for a whole host of reasons.  It involves costs and risk (price, investment) but also presents opportunities (efficiency savings, financial return, competitive advantage) with obvious implications for business competitiveness and the long-term economic prospects for the region. We would like to understand as much as possible how our members view the target, what they have/can do to support it and what key challenges they face in positively contributing to this target.

We would be very grateful if you could answer a few key questions to support the NI Chamber’s response and return to  by Monday 2 March 2020.

  1. Has your business taken or plans to take any actions to respond to the net zero emissions goal? Would you have any specific projects that highlight your investment in supporting a carbon neutral economy? NOTE: We would like to use examples in our submission with your permission.
  2. What would you consider are the key challenges/barriers and opportunities for business/industry in decarbonising energy? (Q7 Consultation Call)
  3. What do you consider would be the most effective aids/incentives that government could provide to support business/industry to maximise its contribution to the net-zero carbon emission target, capitalise on the opportunities in transition while at the same time supporting business/industry to manage the risks associated?
  4. Would you like to make any other comments/contribution to the NI Chamber response to the Energy Strategy consultation?

Further information on the strategy is available at: