NI Chamber responds to Economy Minister’s Economic Vision

19th Feb 2024

Speaking after the Economy Minister delivered his Economic Vision to the Northern Ireland Assembly, Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“We welcome the fact that the Economy Minister has set out his priorities for the economy so early after the restoration of the NI Executive.

“NI Chamber’s focus is on competitiveness, people and skills and a sustainable economy. Our economy does need to be more productive and we need to develop better jobs and effective childcare support. We also need to grasp the opportunity presented by dual-market access, prioritise a green economy, supercharge our approach to decarbonisation and develop focused growth in key business clusters across NI.

“Economic prosperity needs to be owned by the Executive as whole, and by business and other stakeholders. The key to success will be partnership across the Executive as well as co-design and delivery with business on solutions.

“It is also vital that as a region, we continue to attract inward investment by articulating and sharing our distinct advantages. We look forward to meeting with the Minister and finding out more about his proposals around inward investment and regional balance, as well as how he intends to work with business to achieve the best outcomes.

“What matters now is that we develop and deliver at pace on the proposition of the region as a place to work, do business, visit and invest, so that we can compete on the island of Ireland, as a region of the UK and on the global stage.

“There is work to be done, progress to build on and opportunity to realise. At NI Chamber, we look forward to continuing to facilitate that vitally important work.”