NI Chamber raises over £16,000 for Nexus

18th Jul 2023

NI Chamber has presented the charity Nexus with a total of £16,506.77 following a year-long partnership. The organisation, which supports individuals impacted by sexual abuse and abusive relationships, was selected as the 2022 President’s Charity of the Year by immediate Past President, Gillian McAuley.

Thanks to the generosity of NI Chamber members, a significant sum was raised across a number of events including the Annual Lunch and President’s Banquet.

Speaking about the partnership, Peter Wilson, Head of Professional Services at Nexus, said:

“The Chamber’s support of Nexus over the past year has enabled us to refresh our brand and explore how we can work with businesses to support them to play their part in ‘Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Abuse and Abusive Relationships’.

“We know companies want to be part of making things better and we will soon engage with them to offer purpose led partnerships which create real societal value, whilst supporting them to engage employees, attract customers and investors and demonstrate their commitment to playing their part in creating a better society.

“34% of Millennials and 39% of Gen Z have turned down employers that do not align with their values. Issues like sexual harassment rank high in their areas of concerns (Deloitte, 2023). Millennials will constitute 75% of the global workforce by 2025. We want to help companies to effectively and confidently support employees if they are impacted by sexual abuse or abusive relationships, to educate their workforce in dealing with such cases and safely challenging inappropriate behaviour.

“We would particularly like to thank Gillian for choosing Nexus as her Charity of the Year which resulted in £16.5k in donations. This will continue to enable us to achieve our Vision of “A Society Free from Sexual Abuse and Abusive Relationships.”