August 2022

1st Aug 2022

At Frylite Solutions we are proud to be Ireland’s leading Fresh cooking oil supplier and waste oil collector and a leading food waste collector. Frylite has always been about providing solutions to our customers and solutions to the environmental problems we face. How? By creating the best products and solutions that empower our customers to cook & process the best quality tasty food every time and by providing excellent service and by ensuring that our customers can dispose of their waste oil and food in the most efficient and sustainable manner recycling it to valuable bio fuel.

Our mission is to assist our customers to dispose of their waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.  We believe in building a business for good – for the good of our people, our customers we serve, our communities and our planet.  Frylite is truly regenerative Food solutions partner. We have created a new Rally Call to ourselves, our customers, and our partners to… Let’s Make things Right.