Wilson Nesbitt are hosting a World webinar series which looks at the city’s businesses, organisations and locale, framing it as the best place to work, invest and grow.

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Wilson Nesbitt

9th Jul 2021

Meet the Entrepreneurs…

We will meet with a panel of Belfast’s most successful entrepreneurs, who contribute to the economy by solving the biggest problems and seek out the valuable opportunities, often by taking risks. This is what sets them apart. They make money, while making a difference. Timing is crucial and talent even more so.

We will discuss with them;

* How we can foster business mindsets in early education
* Advice for young Entrepreneurs starting out
* Navigating opportunities and risks
* Growth, Investment and Timing
* And a whole lot more

Gerard McAdorey, Managing Director at GM Marketing
Siobhan McAleer, Entrepreneurial Business Leader, The Mortgage Shop NI
Prof. Helen McCarthy, Dean of Postgraduate Strategy, Queens University Belfast
Lenore Rice, Partner, Wilson Nesbitt

Let’s get together.
Wed | 11 Aug | 2.30pm
Register your place here<https://bit.ly/3fHTXOI>