Why Microsoft Power BI is the best Business Intelligence tool

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Mullan Training

14th Feb 2023

Power BI is easy to use – you can:

Create interactive dashboards that visualise your data, connecting directly for real time reporting or to downloads.

Use single or multiple sources inc Excel, CSV, SQL, SharePoint, Online Databases, etc.

Learn how to visualise, clean & consolidate data – where necessary, transform it to make ready for reporting.

Share your dashboards with others via Teams, PDF or Power BI Online.

Turn your data into information then your information into insights.

See our classroom-based dates below…

• Power BI Level 1
o 16 Mar
o 18 Apr

• Power BI Level 2
o 27 Feb
o 21 Mar
o 20 Apr

• Power BI Level 3
o 24 Apr

• Power BI Level 4
o 15 May

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