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Vyta IT Asset Disposal achieves Carbon Neutrality

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Vyta Secure Ltd

31st Jan 2024

We are pleased to announce that Vyta has achieved Carbon Neutrality status across all our operational facilities as validated by the PAS 2060 scheme. This significant achievement covers Vyta’s facilities in Chelmsford, Dublin, Mallusk, and Belfast and, alongside its multiple R2v3 locations, marks a significant milestone in the company’s ESG initiatives.

The importance of independent verification and certification

In response to the escalating challenges of climate change, it’s become crucial for businesses to actively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, both internally and across their supply chains. This is where independent standards such as PAS 2060 becomes vital, offering an independent audit to verify genuine carbon neutrality. 


Path to PAS 2060  

Developed by the British Standards Institution, PAS 2060 is a globally recognised standard that guides organisations to verifiable carbon neutrality and builds upon Vyta’s existing ISO 14001 standard. The PAS 2060 framework involves a detailed process, including measurement, reduction, offsetting, and rigorous documentation of greenhouse gas emissions. 


As a further step along its ESG Journey, Vyta undertook a thorough analysis of emissions at each of its 4 sites, before implementing rigorous strategies to reduce. 

For its emissions beyond further reduction, Vyta obtained carbon credits from initiatives adhering to the PAS 2060 standard and had been verified by NQA for their significant social and environmental benefits.   


This comprehensive approach, meticulously recorded and analysed, underwent a rigorous audit by NQA, an independent third party. This led to the successful certification of Vyta’s sites under PAS 2060, the first and only ITAD to have achieved certified carbon neutrality in both the UK and Ireland. 


PAS2060 is another sustainable certification acquired by Vyta recently, having achieved R2v3 certification for its Chelmsford, Dublin and Mallusk processing facilities. The latest standard in Responsible Recycling by SERI sets high requirements for both data security and sustainability that ITAD companies like Vyta must meet when processing IT equipment for clients. 


Philip McMichael, CEO of Vyta, said:
“We have witnessed the rise of ESG principles across the industry and it’s clear that our clients increasingly rely on us, not only to manage their ewaste, but also to assist in their own sustainability journey.
Our certifications in PAS2060 and R2v3 demonstrate our commitment to genuine environmental progress, in a manner that can be independently verified.”