Version 1 wins Irish Rail contract to streamline HR processes

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Version 1

6th Apr 2022

Digital transformation specialist Version 1 has won a significant contract with Irish Rail – Iarnród Eireann – to supply the operator of the national railway network of Ireland with human resource software Oracle Cloud HSM.

The technology streamlines payroll, diversity and workforce management and will help the railway operator rollout its learning and development programme which covers 600 courses, 200 competences, 100 external suppliers and 100 trainers and assessors.

Version 1, a Belfast and Dublin-based Oracle Modern OPN Partner, will work to put the system in place as part of its People Strategy for 2027. With the vast majority of people-focused processes and procedures automated, Iarnród Eireann will be able to focus on attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent and developing the workforce to meet the rail industry’s growing demands for new skills,

John Kennedy, Head of HR Organisational Development Iarnród Éireann, said: “Iarnród Éireann are excited to be partnering with Version 1 on the implementation of the Oracle Cloud HCM.  This is a very exciting time for Iarnród Éireann as we continue to redevelop the rail system in Ireland.  Iarnród Éireann will play a key role in delivering high-capacity sustainable public transport solutions and our colleagues will be at the heart of this transformation.

“To support this we have developed a “People Strategy” that supports the organisation along with the achievement of our ambitious future development plans.  As part of this journey, we need to build a ‘collaborative ethos’ and continue to be flexible in our approach towards full delivery of all our important commitments.  An open and safe use of technology is essential to improve our internal services whilst being consistent with best practice in railway operations.

“We look forward to our continuing journey with Version 1 towards allowing our colleagues experience as much of Iarnród Éireann as possible, beyond-the-job training, self-service tools and improving the ‘people experience’ with the Oracle Cloud HCM.”

Colm Gillard, Head of Oracle Cloud Applications at Version 1, said: “We are delighted to be selected as Iarnród Eireann’s Oracle Cloud partner of choice for such an impactful implementation that will see over 4000 employees benefit from a modern, reliable and user-friendly platform such as Oracle Cloud HCM. People are the heartbeat of any organisation, and our customers are operating in increasingly challenging and competitive people, talent and workforce management context, particularly having been through a global pandemic such as COVID-19.

“Key to this implementation is Maximise; our game-changing methodology to accelerate Iarnród Eireann’s Oracle Cloud HCM implementation and ongoing management in the Cloud in a low-risk, predictable and outcome-focused manner. Not only will our Maximise methodology help Iarnród Eireann to transition smoothly to its new HCM solution, but it will also ensure the business maximises its investment by getting the most out of the solution’s expansive capabilities. Many businesses don’t realise the number of opportunities they are missing out on by not leveraging the full potential of their Oracle Cloud HCM. We will ensure Iarnród Eireann’s implementation reaches its full potential for its people managers, employees, HR, recruitment and more with Maximise.”

Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management is a complete solution by Version 1’s strategic technology partner Oracle that is designed to connect every human resource process from hire to retire. It’s also designed to provide employees with a consistent experience across devices, enabling one source of truth for HR data to improve decision-making, and empowering business decision-makers with market-leading innovation to address the organisation’s needs today and into the future.