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Using the Latest Science-Backed Insights to Build Human Potential

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12th Sep 2022

therehuman is a development organisation that works in partnership with individuals, teams and organisations, building human potential.

Drawing on the latest research from neuroscience, health, psychology and peak performance, therehuman delivers a range of programmes under the four pillars of Health & Wellbeing, Performance, Leadership and Sustainability & Responsibility.

The therehuman team brings together a unique blend of skills and experience from the fields of human development, leadership, innovation, design, health, education, coaching and sales to find the right interventions for your organisation.

Making Lasting Change Easy

Co-Founder Catherine McIntosh explains;

“We have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most innovative organisations who want to value and build the potential of their people at all stages of their career journey.  Companies come to us because they recognise the need for a different approach to supporting their people to develop the mindsets, skills and habits required for enhanced wellbeing, resilience, performance, leadership and to ultimately build high performing cultures.

Using the right blend of motivational forces and teaching people the neuroscience and psychology behind a subject – whether it is instilling healthy habits, responding to stress, managing change or motivating others – makes a significant difference in how people engage in development and change.

We are focused on teaching people easy science-backed methods that result in real lasting changes to how they think, feel and behave, unlocking their full potential.”

Building Human Skills for the Future of Work

therehuman is focused on the important skills the workforce will need for organisations to thrive in the Future of Work.

“The World Economic Forum and other experts have identified the essential skills that humans will need in the Future of Work. These are skills that cannot be replaced by technology or machines – skills such as creativity, collaboration, innovation, emotional intelligence, and the ability to connect with, motivate and lead teams through significant change.  We call these Human Skills. Our Human Skills Programmes build these skills so that organisations can face the future with confidence.”

Building Resilient Leaders for Resilient Teams

therehuman has delivered the Resilience & Mental Toughness Leadership Programme to leadership teams across a wide range of sectors. “Leaders are humans too. What we have found is, leaders who have the opportunity to consciously build their resilience and mental toughness are much more focused, responsive and effective in their roles. Facilitating leaders to reflect on the challenges that they face through the lens of a resilience and mental toughness mindset, significantly enhances confidence, control and commitment and ultimately their ability to build high performing teams and high performing cultures.”

therehuman will open up the opportunity for leaders from a range of organisations to come together and develop these essential skills at their Resilience & Mental Toughness Leadership Event on the 5th of October, at the Ten Square Hotel, Belfast. For more details and to book tickets follow this link Resilience & Mental Toughness for Leaders Event 5th October 2022 or contact

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