Touch-free technology makes paying for school meals safer and faster

Posted By:
Civica NI Ltd

27th Jan 2022

  • Covid-safe solution developed by UK-based global software provider Civica, allows fingerprint identification without any physical contact
  • Safer, faster, payment system avoids students needing to carry cash in school and offers the most effective biometric verification platform to protect students
  • Contact-free payment to be made available to schools and colleges across UK through existing Civica Cashless application

Students in schools and colleges across the UK will soon be able to pay for meals using cutting-edge technology which scans a fingerprint through the air, requiring no physical contact.

The Covid-safe payment system, developed by UK-based global software provider Civica, will be offered as part of the company’s digital payment solution Civica Cashless, which is used in over 1,500 schools and colleges across the UK.

Civica Cashless avoids the need for students to carry money in school and supports healthier eating by giving students and parents better visibility of their food choices. Contact-free fingerprint identification now offers even greater peace of mind for students and parents, ensuring that school mealtimes will be safer and more secure.

Civica aims to offer contact-free identification with its wider suite of education software products, offering schools and colleges the flexibility to use this option more widely. This is the latest in Civica’s growing suite of innovative software solutions for the education sector, the most recent of which, CivicaEats helps schools and academies reduce food waste and manage their school meals more safely and efficiently.

Civica Executive Director for Education Bill Loughrey said:

“With safety and hygiene high on the agenda in the wake of the pandemic, contact-free fingerprint identification offers – above all – peace of mind for schools, students and their parents.

“Combining innovative contactless fingerprint scanning technology with our leading cashless payment solution, we’re helping to make school mealtimes safer, faster and more secure than ever before.

“But innovation doesn’t stop at the cafeteria; contact-free technology can be used far more widely across schools and we’ll be exploring how it can be adapted to our wider suite of software, which is used in more than 14,000 environments across our education system.”