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Team UiQ Provides Technology for Virtual Walkthroughs

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5th Feb 2024

Team UiQ

Team UiQ is offering advanced technology designed for virtual walkthroughs. This approach is revolutionising how site inductions, health and safety training, and environmental exposure simulations are conducted. Facilitating these experiences in a virtual space, the technology provides a secure and controlled environment that significantly reduces real-life risks. This advancement enhances safety and elevates the overall training and induction experience, setting a new standard in the field.

Virtual Walk Through Technology
The virtual walkthrough technology is based on the robust platform of Helix EHS, an innovative software notable for its custom design capabilities at a low-code level. This advanced technology integrates seamlessly into current operations, ensuring no disruption to business activities. The goal is to make this technology a key part of processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Fully Customisable
Team UiQ strives to create virtual walkthroughs that are not just simulations, but near-perfect replicas of actual workspaces. Utilising multiple data points and resources, they recreate an exact digital twin of environments. This precision ensures that virtual walkthroughs are accurate and immersive, providing employees and stakeholders with an experience that mirrors real-life scenarios. By bridging the digital and physical realms, teams are thoroughly prepared for the actual space.

Scalable With Your Operation
The flexibility of HelixEHS allows it to be specifically tailored for various applications, including health and safety training and site inductions. The technology is scalable, designed to grow and evolve alongside businesses, adapting to changing needs.

Your Data Is Secure
Team UiQ prioritises data security in today’s digital age, ensuring that virtual walkthroughs are fortified with high-level security measures, accessible only to authorised personnel. This commitment to security allows businesses to focus on their core activities.

Miceál O’Kane, Director of Helix EHS
“Our mission is to provide solutions that set new benchmarks in the industry.” At Team UiQ, we’re not just developing technology; we’re shaping the future of digital training and safety compliance, preparing businesses for future challenges We are committed to making our virtual walkthrough technology universally accessible, catering to manufacturers of all sizes. Our goal is to democratise digital solutions in the digital age, enabling enterprises and small-scale businesses to benefit from our technology.”

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