Social Enterprise NI – #WISE Podcast with Viable Corporate Services

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Social Enterprise NI

18th Nov 2021

VIable Corporate Services provide back-office services in Bookkeeping, HR, and Marketing. We exist to change business, and change lives, with 100% of our profits supporting young people in care and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Across our 3 functional departments, we work in collaboration with your people to provide high-quality professional services. We’re people-focused, and we like to maintain an equal balance of approachability and professionalism in all that we do. We pride ourselves on our established relationships with longstanding partners, a tribute to the quality experience that our team offers.

Changing Business, Changing Lives.

At VIable, we provide professional and approachable business solutions. However, we also are constantly making a Social Impact in all that we do. As a Social Enterprise, 100% of our profits support our Social Mission, trying to create real change in society.

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