SMMT Car Registration figures

Posted By:
Barclays Bank Plc

6th Aug 2021

Commenting on yesterday’s SMMT Car Registration figures, Graeme Maclaughlin, Relationship Director at Barclays Northern Ireland, said:

“For many the end of lockdown means a return to some kind of normality, but not for UK car dealers. The vehicle market is now largely out of sync with the typical patterns that define sales across a given year, and July was no exception.

“July saw a huge contraction in sales of both diesel and petrol vehicles, with electric and hybrid vehicles the only areas showing signs of growth. Concerns about environmental impacts, as well as ever-evolving patterns of work and social life, have driven many consumers away from traditional petrol and diesel models.

“Looking ahead, supply issues for semi-conductors are expected to continue throughout 2021 for a number of brands, and so dealers are now faced with questions around both demand from potential buyers and availability of new cars from manufacturers.”