ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: New episode with Dr Srikumar Rao – The secrets behind unstoppable success in business and life

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Simple Scaling

15th Jun 2023

In this episode, Brendan interviewed the incredible Dr Srikumar Rao.

Dr Srikumar Rao is the Founder of the Road Institute. He is an elite coach who works with a select group of entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior executives. His clients are already successful and seek his coaching because they need help to have an outsize impact on the world. They are ready to make a dent in the universe. They also recognise that life is a spiritual journey and wish to imbue that understanding into every facet of their lives. Millions of people have listened to Dr Rao’s TED Talk and other recordings and attended his programs and workshops. He has one goal only: to help you experience life in an exponentially better way.

In this episode, Brendan and Dr Srikumar Rao discuss:

  • How to manage mental chatter for more clarity
  • Why you need to know that having control is only an illusion
  • Why the universe gives you interesting challenges
  • The most important question you will ever ask yourself
  • The hidden secret to excellent customer service
  • Why business leaders need to support their employees growth
  • And so much more…

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