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ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: New episode with David Allen – How To Get Things Done For Stress Free Productivity

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Simple Scaling

6th Jul 2023

In this episode, Brendan interviewed the incredible David Allen. David is a world-renowned expert in the field of productivity and author of the best-selling book “Getting Things Done.” David has revolutionised the way people approach time management, workflow, and personal organisation.

David’s journey began with a desire to find a better way to manage the chaos of everyday life. He started his career as a management consultant, but it was his insatiable curiosity and passion for problem-solving that led him to create the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. The GTD system has since been embraced by millions around the world, allowing them to maximise their productivity and achieve a sense of clarity and control in their lives.

In this episode, Brendan and David discuss:

  • Why scaling your business will make you a true leader
  • Why creating lists can change your life for the better
  • How to master mundane tasks and free up your time
  • Why you need to lose control to achieve success
  • How to organise yourself to get things done
  • How to create space in your mind for clarity
  • And so much more…

You can listen to the podcast on all major podcasting channels including Apple, Spotify and YouTube. Listen to YouTube.

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