ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: How to create a high performance sales culture for growth with Peter Cowley

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Simple Scaling

16th Jan 2024

Our latest episode of the ScaleX™ Insider Podcast featuring Morné Smit, Speaker, Champion of Sales Excellence, Founder at Emerse and Certified Leverage Sales Coach. In this conversation, Morne delves deep into the world of sales culture and empowerment. He shares invaluable wisdom on cultivating a thriving sales culture, the significance of sales playbooks, continuous coaching and development, and the art of genuinely helping prospects buy.


Morné’s passion for excellence in sales shines through, inspiring us to rethink our approaches and build meaningful customer relationships.


Now, here’s a question to ponder: How can we transform our sales efforts from ‘selling’ to ‘helping prospects buy’?


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