Re-Gen Waste in export deal with Norwegian giant

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Re-Gen Waste Limited

24th Aug 2021

Newry recycling company Re-Gen Waste has signed a contract which will see the Northern Ireland company supplying 100,000 tonnes of refuse derived fuel to Oslo.

The three-year contract with Fortum is for its combined heat and power facility at Klemestrud in the Norwegian capital.

Joseph Doherty, Managing Director at Re-Gen Waste, is delighted to have secured the contract with the Norwegian giant.

“We are delighted to work with Fortum. Re-Gen has used its experience and export expertise to send the first-ever bulk shipment of refuse derived fuel from the UK to this waste-to-energy facility in Norway,” says Joseph.

“Teamed with the carbon efficiency and cost effectiveness of bulk shipping, this provides maximum value recovery of the energy from waste provided.

“Fortum is processing the waste to provide electricity and heat for Oslo city and nearby towns. With the city’s target of 95 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in focus, the Klemestrud facility in Oslo has successfully developed a carbon capture and storage process which recaptures the CO2 emissions. This is part of the Longship project developed by the Norwegian government which will see recaptured CO2 being stored in underground reservoirs.

“This cooperation works for Re-Gen, as both partners are committed to reducing, recycling, and reusing materials effectively as we aim to meet government legislation. It is estimated that greenhouse gases account for 25 per cent of current global warming, and we are working with our partners at addressing the issues by maximising energy recovery whilst minimising our carbon footprint.”

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