Payroll Compliance in 2021

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Payescape Ltd

4th Aug 2021

Payroll regulations continue to change as the year progresses, and with the end of furlough coming in September, payroll requirements will continue to evolve. Payroll compliance is one of the largest issues for companies this year, as furlough has caused many ongoing errors with payroll calculations. Ensuring compliance for your employee payroll is now more important than ever.

Identify any payroll processing issues with a quick audit to get started. If there are manual processes that are causing errors or integration problems with other systems, make a list of challenges and then you can determine next steps get your payroll back on track. Using payroll software and integrated HR admin tools to automate payroll can quickly eliminate issues and streamline the process.

Sharing employee payroll and HR data in one integrated system is an easier way to manage compliance, as it reduces manual processes, provides employees self-service tools to manage their own personal data, and offers direct filing with HMRC. Reporting is another key component to automated payroll, with real-time access to custom reports each month to spot trends, view costs, and identify any issues immediately.

Using technology to manage payroll compliance helps your business stay ahead of evolving regulations, reduce time spent on manual processes, and allows you to focus on your business instead of paperwork. Talk to us today about payroll compliance and see how simple steps can get your team back on track.