Non-profit Organisations Solar PV Programme

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Action Renewables

16th Nov 2021

In 2021/22 we will fund projects in the charity sector and in schools. This will help to reduce their environmental impact and meet our charitable objectives. In 2021/22 we will fund up to 12 projects to reduce the carbon footprint of the recipients and make a financial impact through generation/cost savings.

Once identified, we will provide funding for small scale energy generation, initially through solar pv installations. The receivers will either own or have a long-term lease (5+ years) on their building. Action Renewables will retain full ownership of the solar system and we will cover all installation and maintenance costs. Action Renewables will invoice the customer pro-rata for electricity generated from the solar panels at a reduced cost compared to grid electricity.

We have developed selection criteria noted below. If you wish to apply you will need to have a baseload demand greater than 12kW.

Click here to register your interest online and find out more.