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NI wedding cakes from The Busy Whisk Bakery

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18th Nov 2022

The Busy Whisk Bakery is a local cake baker based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The husband and wife team have been quite busy this year as the demand for their wedding cake services has exponentially increased.

With their delicious range of cake flavours and outstanding wedding cake designs, it’s not hard to imagine that couples are seeking their services to make their wedding day all the more special. 

Take a look at the range of bespoke wedding cakes they have been creating and try not to drool too much when looking at them!

Elegant wedding cakes

The Busy Whisk Bakery is particularly skilled in creating elegant wedding cake designs, adding that touch of extravagance to any wedding theme. This example includes clean gold trimmings with a pale pink frosting and handmade flowers, it’s classy, beautiful and exquisitely elegant. 

Rustic wedding cakes

If your wedding theme is a rustic one, then The Busy Whisk has got you covered with their bespoke range of rustic wedding cake designs. Their simple yet stunning design includes layers of banner frosting that almost resembles rope strings, which is decorated with little delicate white wild flowers. This wedding cake is a beautiful addition to any rustic wedding theme. 

Fresh fruit wedding cakes 

Add that burst of fresh flavour with this delicious range of fresh fruit wedding cakes. A mixture of fresh berries is jammed between each layer of cake, creating a beautiful combination of flavours between the sweet cakes and sour berries. These wedding cakes are sure to impress your guests with their bold flavour and fresh taste. 

Traditional wedding cakes 

If your wedding theme is traditional and classic, then The Busy Whisk Bakery can help create a bespoke wedding cake that matches that theme. They specialise in traditional styles, using additions such as royal blue ribbons with a classic white frosting. 

3 Tier wedding cakes 

For layers of flavour, suited for each guest’s individual taste buds, why not have a 3 tier wedding cake created for your special day. This particular example uses a diamond pattern laced with edible silver studs. The cakes may also be personalised with fondant icing, adding in that bespoke and unique element to your wedding cake. 

4 Tier wedding cakes 

For even more layers of flavour why not go for a 4 tier wedding cake. This is a great option for including more cake flavours and creating a visually appealing cake that stands out. Decorative bows can also be included which looks stunning when they fall over each layer. 

6 Tier wedding cakes 

Wow your guests with this impressive creation of a 6 tier wedding cake created by The Busy Whisk Bakery. The extra layers make room for more cake flavours to be included and it’s big enough that every guest can enjoy a large slice. This incredible design and solid structure is sure to be a showstopper at any wedding 

Bespoke wedding cakes NI

If you have a particular idea for your wedding cake design, then The Busy Whisk Bakery can help you turn that idea into a reality. They take your initial thoughts on colour, theme and style and incorporate that into a truly unique and bespoke wedding cake that represents you as a couple. 

Check out this previous example that incorporates the husband’s career as a mechanic, it adds in that element of fun and creative design. 

Lace wedding cakes

An increasingly popular and trendy design for wedding cakes incorporates delicate lace that is wrapped around each layer and finished off with ribbon bows. This design adds a touch of elegance, class and beauty to your wedding cake.

Gold leaf wedding cake

With gold leaf wedding cakes you can add in that extra dazzle of extravagance. These designs use edible crushed gold leaf that is wrapped around the cake, creating a shimmering style that reflects light off the cake. Incorporating gold into your wedding cake is also a great way of tailoring your cake’s design so that is align with your wedding colours. 

Wedding cake flavours

Unsure of which flavour you want to use in your wedding cake? Well The Busy Whisk Bakery has come up with a great solution by offering sample boxes which come with 5 different flavours (2 slices of each) that allow you to try out a range of flavours in order to find one (or a few) that you like

The boxes include 6 different cake flavours and cost £10 for boxes that are collected or £15 for boxes that need to be posted. These sample boxes tend to sell out quickly, so get your order in ASAP. 

Wedding cakes NI

The Busy Whisk Bakery is continuing to impress wedding couples with their amazing talent in creating bespoke wedding cakes for NI customers. They are extremely skilled in a variety of designs and their flavours smack flavour into wedding guests taste buds.  

If you have a design in mind for your wedding cake, or would like a similar style to the ones they have previously created, then get in touch with The Busy Whisk Bakery to place your consultation and wedding cake order. It is advisable to place an order well in advance as they are usually fully booked for months at a time.