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New eSports Website Launches – What Is eSports? 

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12th Mar 2024

The launch of a new eSports website – What is eSports? – marks a significant step in addressing the gap in mainstream media coverage of eSports. 

While eSports has become a mainstream phenomenon, encapsulating video game tournaments that have ushered in a new wave of sports enthusiasm, its presence in popular media outlets remains limited. This often leads enthusiasts to individually search for updates or specific information about tournaments and games.

What Is eSports? 

This website aims to revolutionise the way eSports news and information are accessed. Designed as a comprehensive platform, it caters to eSports aficionados by providing extensive coverage of their favourite games, competitions, and tournaments. 

From the latest happenings in the eSports world and surprising developments, to technology updates, player spotlights, and even game reviews, the website offers a broad spectrum of gaming content.

A dedicated and enthusiastic team drives this new venture, promising to deliver rich and diverse content that appeals to a wide range of eSports interests. The website is positioned to become a go-to source for everything related to eSports, offering an engaging and informative experience for its audience.

Gaming Technology News

The “Gaming Technology News” section is dedicated to keeping you updated on the cutting-edge developments in the gaming industry. From wearable tech that enhances your gaming experience to the newest trends in PC and console gaming, this segment delves deep into various aspects of gaming technology. 

It not only covers the hardware that powers your gaming but also explores the software innovations like anti-cheating mechanisms, VR and AR advancements, and the impact of AI and ML on gaming. 

Game Reviews

The world of video games is as diverse as it is expansive, offering a multitude of genres and experiences to suit any gamer’s preference. In the “Game Reviews” section, a comprehensive spectrum of gaming categories is explored, offering insights, reviews, and updates on the latest and most popular games. 

This section serves as a guide through the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, from the adrenaline-filled arenas of popular games to the intricate strategies of niche genres. Discover new releases that are making waves, revisit popular classics that have defined gaming for years, and uncover hidden gems in the world of indie and strategy games. 

eSports Videos

The eSports Videos section offers a window into the world of competitive gaming. It’s not just about understanding what eSports is; it’s also about experiencing the thrill and intensity of the competitions. 

The collection includes everything from dramatic moments in eSports history to gripping final rounds of major tournaments. Watch in-depth gaming footage that brings you closer to the action, and explore profiles of top players who are making waves in the eSports arena. 

Player Spotlights

The Player Spotlights section, explores the stories of individuals who are excelling in their respective eSports. These profiles delve into their journey to the top, their strategies, and the dedication that has placed them at the forefront of competitive gaming. 

It’s a deep dive into what makes these players exceptional, from their ground-breaking gameplay to their influence in the gaming community. This section is a celebration of talent, skill, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the digital arena. 

Ciaran Connolly, What is eSports? Founder

As the founder of the new ‘What is eSports?’ website, we’re pioneering a new era in eSports coverage, bridging the gap in mainstream media and celebrating the dynamic world of competitive gaming. While eSports has garnered massive global attention, its presence in traditional media remains limited, leaving enthusiasts to search individually for updates. 

Our platform aims to change that narrative by offering comprehensive coverage of tournaments, games, and technology advancements, catering to eSports aficionados of all levels. With a dedicated team and a commitment to showcasing the athleticism, cultural significance, and economic impact of eSports, we’re championing its rightful place alongside traditional sports. Join us in elevating eSports to the prominence it deserves.”


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