New Episode of ScaleX Insider: Recapping on our favourite moments from Season 11 w/Claire Colvin

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Simple Scaling

29th Feb 2024

“Potential equals performance minus interference”

In today’s episode of ScaleX Insider, our guest is Claire Colvin, Director and Co-Founder of Simple Scaling. Join us as we revisit our favourite moments and key learnings from Season 11.

In this episode we discuss everything from how to unlock your lucky breaks to breaking self-limiting beliefs. One of Claire’s stand out moments was the concept of interference and how it is a powerful reminder that internal and external roadblocks can hold us back from achieving our full potential.

Remember, your potential is vast, but interference can silently sabotage it. Spot the blockers: Take a good look to see what’s holding you back in life and business and once you have spotted the problems start fixing them.

Share your thoughts on the quote “Potential equals performance minus interference.” What are some potential “interferences” you’ve faced?


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