McCue Collaborates with Local Tech Companies to Go Green

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19th Jul 2021

AWARD-winning project management, commercial fit-out and bespoke joinery company, McCue has partnered with two local tech firms – employee engagement platform, Thrive.App, and software solution, SustainIQ, to help improve its sustainability credentials for tenders.

With sustainability a key element to business, McCue has gone one step further in ensuring that all projects consider the major socio-economic and environmental implications of each project and react accordingly, which has accumulated in very positive results.

Last year, McCue successfully procured 100 per cent of its electricity from a green energy source for its headquarters in Carrickfergus, alongside achieving zero waste to landfill from the company’s production sites since 2019.

Gary Purdy, Managing Director at McCue explained; “Sustainability is a key driver in McCue’s business and it’s important to us that each project we deliver has a minimal impact on the environment. Working with key London Councils, such as Wandsworth Borough Council and Westminster City Council, we have seen how important it is to meet our clients’ environmental goals. SustainIQ and Thrive.App has allowed us to do just that. Sadly, I currently can’t mention exact projects but suffice to say these are multi-million pound contracts in the Greater London area which care about everything from their CO2 emissions to waste going to landfill.

“SustainIQ has allowed us to measure, monitor and report on the social, economic and environmental impact of our projects whereas the Thrive.App has allowed us to communicate it internally, ensuring the team knows what is happening at all times. As a result, our employees have a greater understanding and engagement in what we are trying to do. Our team are actively involved in making us a truly sustainable company which delivers sustainable projects – a win win.”

The employee app with SustainIQ’s software will help capture data across all sites and calculate the company’s impacts across four key pillars of its sustainability efforts; Procurement; Planet; People; Place. Data and reporting will be captured through SustainIQ and communicated to staff at McCue using the Thrive.App to increase their awareness and engagement with the company’s sustainability agenda.

Combining the information collated in SustainIQ, with the channels of communication through the Thrive app is a natural solution. This ensures the entire company is brought on the same journey towards meeting the goals set out in McCue’s new sustainability strategy. So far, 90% of staff in McCue are actively using the Thrive app and receiving company notifications, and 79% of these users engaged in the communication about the launch of the new sustainability strategy.

Maria Diffley, Co-Founder at SustainIQ said “This is an exciting project for us. Collaborating with another NI-based tech company, Thrive.App, to bring synergy to our mutual client makes perfect sense and this initiative has allowed us to test and refine how the two platforms work together. The quality of data provided through the Thrive app, adds real value to the project and has significantly increased engagement in McCue’s new sustainability strategy.”

James Scott, Co-Founder and CEO at Thrive.App adds: “We truly value our partnership with McCue and will continue to support them with their employee communications and engagement. The work that SustainIQ does is vital for social, economic and environmental issues. I’m truly delighted to be collaborating with another NI-based tech company. We aim to help as many organisations as we can in shifting from traditional methods of employee communications and engagement such as notice boards and printed newsletters to instant, modern, secure, engaging mobile apps and I’m delighted to see this collaboration ensuring that McCue employees understand and are engaged with their new sustainability strategy.”

McCue has over 65 years’ experience in the refurbishment and fit-out sector, delivering many illustrious projects including The Berkeley Hotel, The Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square, which featured in the 2012 Bond movie, Skyfall and locally, the award-winning Friend at Hand Whiskey Shop, Harp Bar, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Belfast and the Danske Bank Headquarters.