Mallaghan announces further electrification of portfolio with new i-tec brand

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Mallaghan Engineering Ltd.

5th Jul 2021

Mallaghan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of airport ground support equipment (GSE), has bolstered its commitment to green aviation with the launch of a new brand to further develop its range of eco-friendly and electric products.

The company’s electric i-tec portfolio will comprise of equipment to support Ground Handling, Cargo Handling, Passenger Transportation, Aircraft Catering & Cleaning and Aircraft Maintenance for aviation partners across the world.

The further electrification of the range will assist airlines and airports achieve environmental targets set by the global aviation industry.

Niall Mallaghan said:

“New technology and alternative energies will be two of the most significant drivers as the aviation industry strives to reduce carbon emissions.

“We are therefore very proud to play our part in this by developing electric GSE that will help our customers achieve their environmental targets and responsibly futureproof their operations.

“Mallaghan undertook significant research to understand the unique needs and requirements of our aviation colleagues, and these findings were central to the development of our i-tec portfolio.

“Details of the electric products have been warmly welcomed by customers who are now looking to the future after an incredibly difficult year.”

The i-tec range will be developed at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Northern Ireland and Georgia, USA.

Niall Mallaghan continues:

“Innovation for aviation has been the motto at Mallaghan since our inception in the 1990s, and the electrification of our product ranges is a significant step for the company.

“We have always sought to provide GSE to our customers that supports not only their operational requirements but that assists with achieving their organisational objectives. With sustainability high up on the aviation agenda, we’re delighted to play a role in supporting our partners meet their green targets.”

Mallaghan will attend the Annual GHI Conference in Copenhagen in September and the GSE Expo in Las Vegas in October.

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