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Kingsbridge Healthcare Group Announces Opening of new Outpatients Centre at Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West in Ballykelly

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Kingsbridge Private Hospital

13th Oct 2022

Kingsbridge Healthcare Group has announced the opening of the new ‘Liz Dallas Outpatients Centre’ at Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West in Ballykelly, just 16 months after they acquired it.

Named after the longest serving employee in the original Hospital, this latest development is part of an overall £6 million investment in the hospital’s facilities which has also created an additional 80 jobs in the area.

Anthony McKenna, General Manager at Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West explained what clinical and support services will be delivered within this latest addition to the hospital.

“When we first took over the hospital in Ballykelly we announced our commitment to not only build on current services offered but to deliver a wide range of specialisms that will enhance the choices available to everyone in the north west region and across the island.

“With this significant investment, patients will now benefit from eight medical consultation rooms and a nurse treatment room on the ground floor, a newly installed laundry service which will be used across the whole hospital group, and on the first floor, we have created additional office space for our expanding administration support teams.”

Mark Regan, Chief Executive of Kingsbridge Healthcare Group outlined the benefits of the investment across whole hospital.

“The new outpatients centre will be underpinned with a comprehensive refurbishment programme, which has already commenced for the wider hospital and will result in a complete remodelling of all ward bedrooms, and consultation rooms in the main hospital along with the provision of additional paediatric services for the Group.

“To complement these services, we have installed a multi-million pound MRI Scanner, the only private scanning facility of its kind in Northern Ireland which can scan patients while under anaesthetic. This is of particular use for young children or patients with disabilities who are unable to stay completely still for the scans which can last between 15-60 mins. The scanner will also be of interest to those patients who are anxious, or experience claustrophobia given its faster scan times, its extra wide tunnel and a 70% reduction in noise. The scanner will offer the latest in high quality imaging and diagnostics as well as providing a better experience for patients and faster turnaround times for our clinicians”, said Mark.

At the new Outpatients Centre Mark welcomed Mrs Liz Dallas, who was previously the Matron and Hospital Director at NWIH, to unveil a plaque in her honour and officially open the ‘Liz Dallas Outpatients Centre’.

” Liz was so well respected and highly regarded when she worked at the hospital here for nearly three decades, so it was very fitting to call the new outpatients centre after her.  The staff and management were delighted to welcome Liz back and give her a VIP tour of the new amenities.

Facilities at Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West include 38 overnight beds, 8-day case beds, an endoscopic suite, 3 theatres two of which are laminar flow with a state-of-the-art recovery unit. The Hospital also has emergency bloods on site and 90 car parking spaces.